The National Association For the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) still holds -- as the impetus of its purpose -- the pursuit of political, educational, social, and economic advancement and equity for all people of color. This pursuit will never cease to be the driving force behind the civil rights work we perform. The NAACP will continue to be relevant as long as racism, injustice, and exclusion exist; whether in the public school system, the workplace, or the legislative bodies across the country.

For nearly 100 years, men, women, and organizations have placed their confidence in us. The NAACP is the largest volunteer civil rights organization in existence today. As a measure of our commitment to ensuring equality for all Americans, the NAACP operates educational, political, and socioeconomic advocacy chapters across the country. The Maryland State Conference NAACP is honored to be a part of this dynamic, vibrate organization. Like the never-ending rhythm of a drum in tune the Maryland State Conference is poised to echo the sounds of freedom throughout Maryland. We are committed to the elimination of health disparities among people of color. We are committed to educating our citizens as to their constitutional rights, as well as decreasing the High School dropout rate. We are also committed to organizing voter registration activities around the community to ensure access to the voting process in this and every election year.

The Maryland State Conference NAACP serves all people of color throughout the state regardless of race, color, gender, or socioeconomic status. As a result, we encourage and invite you to visit your local branch General Membership Meeting to find a way to exercise your Call To Service.  If, peradventure, you are in need of assistance with a civil or criminal matter, it will be our pleasure to direct you to a licensed professional with appropriate training to assist you.

Though the NAACP Maryland State Conference is not licensed to give legal advice, we are equipped with resources to help you bring your legal concerns to a conclusion. The specific goals of NAACP Maryland State Conference include increasing our membership by December 2008; enhancing our voter registration campaign, and finally, identify the measurements and communicate the plan for closing the Academic Achievement Gap.

This year the Maryland State Conference NAACP welcomes you back into the NAACP family. We came to serve the less fortunate. We stay to advocate for those who reach out to us.